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Ty Beanie Baby - Amber The Gold Tabby Cat

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Beanie Baby


The Beanie Baby , a great kitten toy made by Ty is an excellent toy doll. The features are amber gold tabby cat, ty beanie baby and great condition. 008421042432 is the UPC barcode aka the Universal Product Code, for this kitten toy. Choosing a Beanie Baby . To get this product now at the cheapest price, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button on this page.

New. Fantastic condition. Never ever been sued. does have the tag.

Sleeping all day and up night, Waiting to pounce and give you a fright, She signifies no harm, she's just playing a game, She's very lovable and really fairly tame! This gold tabby cat is inside a sitting pose with 4 cream-colored paws. Her paws are stitched to look like"true"cat paws, also as the same cream-colored fabric lines her ears and muzzle. Girls and boys (and even adults) will love this cat--she'd be a welcome addition to any collection. Amber the purr-fect golden tabby was born February 21, 1998. Pink thread whiskers and mouth complement the pink button nose, and big golden eyes look right at you, ready to play. --Peggy Etra Surface wash only.


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