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Ganz Lil'kinz Cat 6. 5 Plush, Orange

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Lilkinz Cat 6 5 Plush


Package Quantity: 1

Ganz Lil'kinz Cat 6. 5 Plush, Orange will probably be your childs best new doll. Among the list of key attributes is the add to your collection to build up your webkinz virtual plush family. Other features consist of great gifts for kids of all ages and codes allow you to join webkinz world. It's dimensions are 3"H x 6.5"L x 6"W. UPC# 065810315492.

This gold and white cat isn t just gold on the outside, it has a heart of gold to match! Gold and White cats love to explore all the distinct parts of Webkinz World. Special Item: Kitty Dairy Fridge Special Food: Tuna Caramel Corn This fantastic feline will do anything just to spend time with you!


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