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Aurora World World Miyoni Tots 8. 5 Plush, Siamese Kitten With Butterfly

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World Miyoni Tots 8 5 Plush

Aurora World Inc.

Package Quantity: 1

The youngster may hug to a World Miyoni Tots 8. 5 Plush - a great item manufactured by Aurora World Inc. The product number for this is 26195. I in fact loved that it had the feature of realistic styling, made with superior materials and impeccable attention to detail. Other features consist of measures 8. 5" long and silky plush and soft huggable bodies. The kitten doll is 8.5" Height x 5.5" Length x 4.5" Width, click the link below.

Aurora is the top supplier of affordable, high high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to turn into a respected leader inside the character and contents industry. '


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